a few words about us

Since 1978, A. Fournier & Associates (AFA) has been a supplier to the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry on the island of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Our main business is the area is in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies thru the supply of punch presses, dies, punches, and auxiliary equipment for the metal stamping market. We also sale mold bases and components like ejection pin, blade pins, core pins, sprue bushings, conveyor systems and aluminum extrusions from 80/20 Inc. We can manufacture custom items according to your print



why choose us

The 33 years of experience has taught us the many different areas of manufacture that we can supply many of our products, from small parts to industrial machines and conveyors. Every day we are in a constant strive to find new and innovative products and ways to help our customers in their everyday need. We are looking forward to do business with your company and I assure you that our years of experience and knowledge in the industry will help us both business grow in this unstable economy.

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Expanding our global presence and our team of industry experts, A. Fournier & Associates is able to provide outstanding customer service, market knowledge and value-added services to increase our customers'productivity and become the preferred channel for industrial products and solutions.